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Are there any compulsory yearly fees?

For Pastel Xpress, Partner, MyBusiness Desktop

No, there are no compulsory yearly fees for accounting packages like Pastel My Business, Xpress or Partner Perpetual (not available any more as a new products) unless you have the Bank Manager or Debtors Manager modules.  Pastel Business Care Contract (Support & upgrades) is optional* on these packages and you would sign up for this. 

Yes, on Pastel Partner Advantage subject to Annual License Fee

Read about Business Care Contract benefits - click here

For Pastel MyBusiness Online

Yes, MyBusiness Online has a monthly fee, or yearly (for some discount).

For Pastel Payroll

Yes,there are annual license fees for Pastel Payroll depending on the number of employees.

* NOT optional if you have Xpress or Partner with the Bank Manager or Debtors Manager modules.

Business Care Contract?

Benefits of being a Pastel Business Care Member

As a Sage Pastel customer, you're never left to your own devices. We make every effort to ensure you reap the full value of your accounting software investment with proper, appropriate first-line assistance.
Unlimited telephonic support
We have teams dedicated to each product in the Pastel range who will assist you with all your technical support queries. With our extensive experience and understanding of your needs, whether it be installation, set-up, or accounting queries, our highly skilled support teams are available:
Monday – Thursday from 07h30 – 17h00,
Friday from 08h00 – 16h30 and Saturday from 09h00 – 12h00.

Unlimited email support

E-mail your support query and receive a response in one hour during working hours. Should you e-mail your support query after hours, you will receive a response early the next day.

Free automatic software updates and upgrades

Whilst on Pastel Business Care you will receive free software upgrades automatically via the Automatic Updates feature. Pastel continually invests in research and development to make sure you stay abreast of changes in the economic, technological and legislative environment. You’ll find that subscribing to Pastel Business Care is far more cost effective than purchasing new releases later.

Regular electronic Business care Newsletter

This essential newsletter gives you the inside track on practical tips and tricks, short cuts and important information.

Exclusive access to the Customer Zone

The Customer Zone allows you to download free updates, access the Pastel knowledge base, and latest technical information as well as providing you with a view of your support history.


As a Pastel Business Care customer you will receive a 10% discount on any Pastel training course held at our training centres in Gallo Manor, Mount Edgecombe and Century City. You’ll also receive a 5% discount on our self-study training courses.

Free Pastel magazine

The online Pastel InBusiness magazine will keep you up-to-date on industry trends and information about your Pastel software. In each issue we highlight the latest Pastel products, features and modules, software tips and tricks, changes to legislation, tools and practical information to help you get the most out of your Pastel software.

Pastel Payroll discount

If you purchase Pastel Payroll within the first 30 days of registering your Pastel Accounting Software, you will receive a 30% discount when purchasing Pastel Payroll (from AccountingDirect).

How do I order?

1. Online

The best way is to click on the "Add to cart" button of the product you wish to purchase and follow the instructions.

The system will provide you a form to add your details, and then a choice of payment.
At the end it will provide you the banking details & fax number.  You will also receive an email with our banking and contact details.*
As soon as we receive your proof payment, we'll send you a VAT invoice.

* If you do not receive the reply email, please make sure you used the correct email address


2. Fax order

You can also fax a order to 086 729 9579 

Download, complete and fax to the fax number:

 Fax order form



3. Email us

Send us email - Sales contact page

We  need your physical address for deliver, business name & VAT number, Contact details and serial number of you current Pastel (if you're upgrading).


4. Phone us

on 086-111-3980


5. For upgrades

Click here - because we need more information



Need Support?

For online support or for consulting on Xpress , Partner & Payroll :

Country Wide - Online support with Teamviewer and/or email - phone 0860-346-266

Rate R 325.00 excl. per 1/2 Hour


Consulting & On Site Training:

In the following areas:

  • Gauteng - Contact Hannelie : 0860-346-266 or 083 709 4096
  • Western Cape - Contact Janneke - 021 9815308 or 084 901 5308
  • Limpopo,Mpumalanga,Polokwane - Contact Mechelle - 082 316 8879
  • KZN - Contact - Ashna 084 560 8128 Nolan 071 440 3679 Bernace 076 304 3384


If you have a Business Care Contract with Pastel:

Phone the Pastel support line @ 086-112-6837



 Also complete this form:




Workgroup or Client Server

A user in Pastel Xpress or Partner refers to a computer on a network.

Therefore 2 users is 2 computers linked via a network.  If a computer is not linked to a network, it's not a user and you cannot purchase a user licence for that computer

A computer network can also consist of, and is usually made for, more than two computers:

Workgroup Networking

In a peer-to-peer network, each computer holds its files and resources. Other computers can access these resources but a computer that has a particular resource must be turned on for other computers to access the resource it has. For example, if a printer is connected to computer A and computer B wants to printer to that printer, computer A must be turned On.


2 user Workgroup network


3 user Workgroup network

Client/Server Networking

A computer network is referred to as client/server if (at least) one of the computers is used to "serve" other computers referred to as "clients". Besides the computers, other types of devices can be part of the network:

4 user Client network: 1 server + 3 workstations

In a client/server environment, each computer still holds (or can still hold) its (or some) resources and files. Other computers can also access the resources stored in a computer, as in a peer-to-peer scenario. One of the particularities of a client/server network is that the files and resources are centralized. This means that a computer, the server, can hold them and other computers can access them. Since the server is always On, the client machines can access the files and resources without caring whether a certain computer is On.

Another big advantage of a client/server network is that security is created, managed, and can highly get enforced. To access the network, a person, called a user must provide some credentials, including a username and a password. If the credentials are not valid, the user can be prevented from accessing the network.

The client/server type of network also provides many other advantages such as centralized backup, Intranet capability and more.

Should I  use Workgroup or Client network?

If you have less than 5 users or if you have more than 10 uers the answer is easy:

  • less than 5 users:  Workgroup network should work perfect
  • if you have more than 9 users, you should only use a Client server

The more difficult part is when you have 5 to 9 users.

Although using a Workgroup network for  up to 9 users can be done - it depends on the load on the computers.

If  your accounting system is very busy, it's preferred and advised to use a Client server.

It's more secure, and safe.

It could happen on a busy Workgroup systems that information are lost or corrupted.


Pastel uses the Pervasive database.  So if your system is networked and you install Pastel, you get an optin to install Pervasive.  This will install the database and your Pastel users will work!

(Livemax 1001 CC t/a)
Reg. nr. 2006/088831/23
VAT number : 4810244147


Free delivery

anywhere in South Africa within 3-5 working days*