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Here is why your business needs Sage Pastel Xpress

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Have you ever thought of increasing your company's efficiency? When your business operates efficiently,  two fundamental things happen: waste decreases and profit increases, resulting in a healthy bottom line.


The terms efficiency and effectiveness are often used interchangeably, but they do not mean the same thing. You may have an effective process and still get some results. However, it is only when you have an efficient process in place when you get great results. For example, when you are walking towards gaining traction we say you have an effective process , but when you begin to accelerate, we say the process has become more efficient for your business.


To achieve efficiency, you will need the right tools that will help you get there. There are many solutions out there but only a few helps entrepreneurs improve their operating efficiency like Sage Pastel Xpress does. In the context of South Africa and the rest of Africa, it is a solution for small and medium sized businesses.


Some of the benefits of using Sage Pastel Xpress worth mentioning include, its affordability, ease of use and multiple features.


Let's look at each:


It is affordable


Sage Pastel Xpress remains one of the most affordable packages. You can now automate key business processes and gain the confidence you need to make important decisions, without even breaking your bank account.  


You can choose between Sage Pastel Xpress Start Up which costs a little less but comes with limited features, or go for the Sage Pastel Xpress Advantage.


Support is at your fingertips


Service and support is just a phone call away, just when you need it. Plus, you can access support using your mobile phone, anytime and anywhere. All you need to do is download the Sage app on your phone.


What else Sage Pastel Xpress offers you?


  1. Sage Pastel Xpress offers you ease of use, because unlike any other software it won't take you long to figure out and begin to use it properly. Anyone can use Sage Pastel Xpress, even technophobes! It was designed for people on the go like you.

  2. Sage Pastel Xpress complies with the SARS requirement for issuing electronic documents, including the required 128 bit PDF encryption.

  3. Sage Pastel Xpress has a drill down functionality that allows you to click on any item from any report. For instance, it allows you to see which customers are new or old, or who is paying or who doesn't.

  4. Sage Pastel Xpress has a graphic reporting feature that allows you to evaluate trends in your business. You can evaluate sales, inventory movements or expense allocations. Also, you can access a report of all outstanding balances.

  5. The invoicing function is fairly easy and intuitive; you will be able to link quotations and sales orders, and the customisation of document layouts all with just a click of a button.

  6. Another benefit of using Sage Pastel Xpress is that it has its own Bank Manager module. With this unique module, you no longer have to capture your bank transactions manually from your bank statement but it automatically does all that for you. All you have to do is download your bank statement electronically and Sage Pastel Xpress will do the rest.
    - Furthermore, you get an option to print in PDF format, do E-mailing or Fax.

  7. What's more interesting is that it integrates with other Sage tools online.

  8. Sage Pastel Xpress intelligence reporting feature allows you to customise your reporting. You can also redesign your financial statements and export all your reports in Microsoft Excel format.

Improve your company efficiency this year by using Sage Pastel Xpress or simply choose from a range of other desktop or online accounting solutions that allow you invoice customers, analyse business performance and manage VAT, inventory, budgets and more.


It goes without saying that improving your company's efficiency will only be possible if you manage income and expenses efficiently, but how else can you achieve that without invoicing your customers and reconciling your bank account accurately? You will need Sage Pastel Xpress in order to do any of the aforementioned.


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