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What's new in Pastel version 12

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Normally, in the past, one would typically need to download a new build from the Sage Pastel Customer Zone. In line with new technological advancements it now deploy builds automatically via the internet to your machine (internet access is required). This technology will ensure valued Sage Pastel Cover customers are always on the latest software version, having access to the latest features within a few minutes after they are released! To take advantage of the automatic updates feature, one would need to install Version 12 from the base DVD and thereafter any further updates will be deployed via the internet to your Sage Pastel software. As a loyal Sage Pastel Cover customer, difference to your business and its growth.

New features and functionality in Sage Pastel Partner

Manage your VAT periods and reporting using the new Sage Pastel Tax Manager.

Closing VAT periods is essential to ensure correct VAT reporting to SARS and VAT reconciliations. With the new Tax Manager, you can set up your VAT reporting periods, process your transactions as usual and, at the end of each VAT period, print your VAT reports and close the period. Back-dated transactions will automatically form part of the next VAT period.

Multiple company conversions

Gone are the days where you need to select and convert one company at a time. You can now convert multiple sets of data at once. This feature allows you to select the companies you wish to convert and the new feature converts them into Sage Pastel Partner Version 12.

Duplicate reference numbers on customer documents

Have you ever created an invoice for your customer and used the same reference number for that customer? With Sage Pastel Partner Version 12 you will now be warned when using the same reference number for the same customer. A little additional feature, but a big step towards helping you avoid processing duplicate orders.

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