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Malema in parliament

I have been wrong numerous times in my life, and will be again one day. But I was surprised that I was so wrong about Julius Malema.  I was sure that the ANC could get rid of him successfully, but to my surprise he's now in parliament - in overalls!  He can do politics, that's for sure... not that being good at doing politics is a talent I would be proud of.  Going to parliament in overalls does stike a nerver or ten, and it will inflict a wound to all the other parties and our eyes. 

But is this what our country aspire to? Being all in the workers class? Why would the majority of youth in South Africa see a government job as the top job?  Maybe because of job security, no responsibility and even less drive to achieve something positive. Only 3.2% of black youth attend university and trade schools - (MG article).

But I can understand that if it only takes a worker to be in parliament, why do more? Why study, why work hard? WHY BUILD?

Stop doing politics and build something positive. Being a role model is one thing, but can you be a good role model? Can you get supporters not only to ASK for more, but to BE more and DO more? Just my humble questions.

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